Fall 2019 Choral Placement Hearings have passed. Students who missed the hearings or desire to join an auditioned ensemble before the add/drop deadline should contact the ensemble’s conductor to arrange short, individual hearing. Spring 2020 Hearings can be arranged individually; please email the ensemble’s director. Fall 2020 Hearings will be announced late spring 2020.

Who Sings Placements

Only two groups of people must sing a placement

  1. Students who need to earn curricular ensemble credit must sing a choral placement every year. Based on your placement, the choral facuty will assign you into the appropriate ensemble. This includes in the following degree program for whom voice is their principle instrument:
    • BM, MM, and DMA
    • BA in Creative Studies; Integrated Studies; or Musicology, Ethnomusicology, and Theory
    • Music Minors
  2. Any student hoping to sing in one of our select ensembles: Coro, Symphonic Choir, Arizona Choir.

If that’s not you, then just sign-up and join the choir at the first rehearsal of the semester! The most common places to start are Glee Club and University Community Chorus, but there's a spot for everyone. If you have questions about which group might be right for you, reach out to the director of choral activities, Dr. Felipe.

What Happens at Placements

Choral placements are short and painless. The entire experience lasts 5–7 minutes and is as much for you to meet the conductors as for them to meet and hear you. In the placement you will:

  • Sing a prepared piece in which you sound great (we’ll provide a pianist and, if you don’t have anything prepared, you can sing something familiar like The Star-Spangled Banner or My Country ’Tis)
  • Read a short exercise to demonstrate your reading ability.
  • Possibly play a pitch game or sing a few exercises so we can hear your voice and range.

Placements are a great time, too, for you to ask questions as we try to find the best placement for you.