Use the form below to reserve seats at Holiday Card to Tucson. Please note these dates:

  • Reservation System Opens — September 23, 2019, 12:00p
  • Deadline to reserve Priority Seating (by donation only) — October 23, 2019, 12:00p
  • Deadline to receive donation checks for Priority Seating — November 1, 2019
  • Delivery of Vouchers (by donation) (by email) — November 4–10, 2019
  • Delivery of Vouchers (General Admission) (by email) — November 11–18, 2019
  • Holiday Card to Tucson! — December 8, 2019

Note, also:

  • Payment instructions for donation checks is included in your reservation confirmation email.
  • Donations to the University are non-refundable.
  • You may include special requests—such as accessibility considerations—at the end of the reservation process.
  • Please direct questions to

Thank you for your continued patronage of Holiday Card to Tucson!


About You

Help us know a bit about you, especially how to stay in contact.
Be sure to input an email address you check regularly. This is the email to which we'll send all HCTT correspondence including your seat vouchers (in PDF). As always, your email will not be shared. Please confirm your email is input correctly.
We'll only call you in the event that there's a problem with email. As always, your phone number will not be shared.

Select Performance

Select Performance

Use this section to select the performance you’d like to attend. Remember, only reservations by donation are guaranteed to be fulfilled, and reservations by donation placed in the first month receive priority seating. Requests for general admission (free) seats are often filled by are not guaranteed. (Hint: To raise the chances of getting free seats, select “yes” below when asked if you’re flexible on which performance you can attend.
NOTE: The Tucson Girls Chorus will perform only at the 7:30p performance this year. All other aspects of the two performances will be identical.
In the event that the performance you've requested is full, it sometimes helps to offer guests seats at the other performance. Are you willing to attend the other performance if the performance you selected is full?

Reserve Seats


Select the number of seats you’d like.
Please select the number of seats/vouchers you’d like to request. The donation amount noted applies only for those who selected donation on the previous screen. (For those who selected a GENERAL ADMISSION (free) performance on the previous screen, ignore the donation amounts listed.)
Please also consider a gift to the Chamberlain Choral Endowment, a fund that supports scholarships for graduate students in UA’s renowned choral conducting program. Gifts to this fund remain in perpetuity and only interest is spent.
Feel free to share here any special requests or information about reservation. Thank you!